About the Website

Marthur.com is a personal blog and digital portfolio dedicated to the personal endeavors of Marthur Jones, the owner, and author. The website is an ongoing project based on the author’s various subjects of interest. These subjects include (but are not limited to) technology, photography, and the Christian faith. These three subjects, reflect the primary motivations of the author and are the driving factors behind the website and its content. In the end, the primary mission of the website is to provide useful and informative knowledge to those who share these similar interests.

The information published at Marthur.com reflects the views and experiences of the author. Therefore, the author does not take responsibility for the actions taken by the visitor based on the material published at Marthur.com. Trust, but verify; it is the visitor’s responsibility to follow due diligence and thoroughly research the accuracy of the published material prior to any application. Please report all errors and inaccuracies by submitting a detailed message to the author via the contact form found on the Contacts page. The submitted information will be reviewed and changes will be made accordingly.

About the Author

Marthur Jones is a technology addict, avid photographer, web designer, IT professional (Systems Administrator), husband and father living in San Angelo, Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Angelo State University (ASU), where he majored in Management Information Systems (MIS). As a Systems Administrator, Marthur is primarily focusing on Microsoft related technologies to expand his knowledge in server platform, cloud platform infrastructure, and virtualization. Other professional interests include networking, scripting & automation (PowerShell & Python) and various VMware technologies.

In his free time, Marthur enjoys web design and development, of which he has many years of experience (2000 to current), though his recent dedication to the craft is modest at best, he continues to keep a keen eye design. In recent years, Marthur has developed a passion for photography; a step originally made to aid in website content creation. However, interests would inevitably shift as his respect for the craft grew. At the end of the day, photography is one of Marthur’s single most creative outlets. Today, Marthur is finding a work-life balance between his professional and personal interests.


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